Campsite close to the megalithic alignments in Carnac

Carnac is a famous seaside resort in Morbihan, in the bay of Quiberon in southern Brittany. The town is known all over the world. Its fame is associated with its alignments of hundreds of megaliths ranging from a few dozen centimetres high to several metres. The most famous site in the region, it remains a Mecca of European Prehistory. Indeed, this place is a tourist site that is not to be missed by travellers during their stay at the campsite.

Lovers of megalithic sites, these alignments are divided into 3 fields of megaliths that you can discover all year round during your holidays: Le Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan.

During your stay in Carnac at the Le Dolmen campsite, visit the site's alignments! Discover the mystery of this place and the 3000 menhirs just a few kilometres from La Trinité-sur-Mer. A playful and educational visit for your holidays with family, friends or as a duo.

The Ménec website

Grab your backpack and enjoy a walk with family or friends during your stay in Carnac, starting at the Ménec site, where you will discover the Maison des Mégalithiques (House of the Megaliths) which brings together history and the megalithic phenomenon. A bit of science during your holiday. This trail has almost 1100 stones.

The alignments of Kermario

A few steps further on, the Kermario alignments are just waiting for you! You will have the opportunity to take in superb panoramas from the top of the old mill. Known for the giant of the Manio and the Manio quadrilateral, the megaliths of Kermario are full of surprises.

Built between the 5th and 3rd millennium B.C., the two main sites (Ménec and Kermario) alone contain almost 3000 menhirs.

The site of Kerlescan

Continue your walk to the site of Kerlescan, 555 menhirs, your excursion is full of rare historical sites.

Why are all these stones erected and aligned? Religious monuments, sacred and funerary functions, functions linked to agriculture dating from between 4,000 and 3,000 BC. In all, more than 6600 objects are on display, with a particular predilection for the Neolithic period for some menhirs.

In order to discover the history and functioning, some impressive collections from the Palaeolithic to the Gallo-Roman period and archaeological excavations of monuments from the Middle Ages are on display. Take advantage of your stay at the campsite to visit the "Musée James Miln - Zacharie Le Rouzic" in Carnac.
In the museum, the little ones can have fun with the various activities on offer: pottery, sculpture, engraving, flintknapping... Young and old alike will be able to take part in activities to make the most of their stay.

The department has many other sites to visit during your holidays at Le Dolmen campsite and many other secrets to discover! Tumulus, dolmens, cairns... it's up to you to choose your next visit.