Campsite near Quiberon

Ten short kilometres! That's the distance between Le Dolmen, our campsite in Carnac, and the town of Quiberon. So let's go! In the south of the Morbihan, at the very end of the peninsula of the same name, the town of Quiberon dominates the arm of land that runs into the sea. As if it wanted to touch the one that escapes from the Bay of Quiberon, Belle-île-en-mer.

Quiberon, a town full of history

Menhirs, dolmens, numerous megaliths are built on the Quiberon peninsula. From prehistory to the Middle Ages, the oldest traces of occupation of the peninsula date back to 5000 BC. Did you know that until the 11th century, Quiberon was an island? Intensive deforestation and large quantities of sand gradually moved towards the Bay create the strip of sand that connects the island to the mainland today. In the 19th century, the industrial period and the railway line, which linked Auray to Quiberon, completed the development of the peninsula. At that time, Quiberon was the first sardine port in France with the creation of "sardine factories". Canning, fishing, chemical exploitation of seaweed burnt in the seaweed ovens, all these activities will gradually give way to tourism... Famous visitors came to stay: Anatole France, Gustave Flaubert, Sarah Bernardt, Henry Ceard... A commemorative plaque reminds us that Alfred Dreyfus had disembarked from Guyana on the quay of Port-Haliguen.

Quiberon on its peninsula, a family seaside resort

From the wealthy clientele who frequent the seaside resort, building villas and staying in prestigious hotels, to families who spend their holidays in an ideal town, Quiberon attracts. Its many beaches, restaurants, wild coastline and landscapes sculpted by the wind and sea spray make it a favourite destination for camping holidays in the Morbihan. The peninsula enjoys a mild climate, plenty of sunshine and is protected from the wind for safe swimming.

What are the best things to do in Quiberon?

The Pointe du Percho is a beautiful sight of waves breaking on the rocks but also an excellent walk along the wild coast. The Pointe du Conguel is also worth a visit! Especially at sunset... Located on the Pointe de la Lande, the Turpault castle is the emblem of the town of Quiberon. Also known as the "castle of the sea", it is a monument of architecture, with a fantastic appearance, built in a medieval-English-Saxon style by a rich owner, Georges Turpault. Don't miss the heart-shaped menhir of Beg Er Goh Lannec along the coastal path. Apart from the majestic appearance of this megalith, the landscape is breathtaking! Port Haliguen, Notre Dame de Locmaria, a short train ride along the coast, or a bike ride on the Quiberon loop? So many fascinating activities to do or see around the Quiberon peninsula.

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Aerial photo of Quiberon fishing port (photo credit: Ville de Quiberon - Office de tourisme)